Madison on a Mission: Raising £1000s for the Children’s Hospice

On Sunday 14 September, Madison from Truro Prep School performed on her violin at Truro Day in order to continue her fundraising efforts for Children’s Hospice. At time of writing, she has raised £12,676.57 for charity.


Her mum, Terrasa, has been in touch. She said: “Madison was just five years old when an advertisement, appealing for donations to help feed and clothe the children in a third world country, saddened her. She continually pestered us as a family to take her there to help them. Her wish was to go out at Christmas and give presents to these children and, cutting a very long story short, we did just that.”


Madison spent a year appealing to friends and family for pens, pencils, books, clothes and toys which she could take to Africa.


Terrasa continued: “A year of collecting amounted to over 300 kilos of much needed items. On the week over Christmas that year – including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – Madison delivered these items to schools and very poor compounds. The experience was so amazing we did it again the following year!”


Following these efforts, Madison announced that she would continue fundraising alone and set herself a target of £500 for the Children’s Hospice, Little Harbour. This year Madison has busked from on the streets of St Ives, Truro and St Austell and, from Easter to 5 August 2014, she raised over £5,000.  She then increased her target to £10,000 and set herself a deadline of the beginning of September. In just four weeks Madison had raised over £8,000.


Terrasa said: “She busked at every opportunity and launched a Facebook page, where she auctioned off toys. Madison just cares and wants to help because she can. She is amazed by people’s reactions to her fundraising and sees nothing special about what she is doing. Our local church gave her a donation and she was so overwhelmed with their kindness that she played to the congregation the following week. Madison stood in church and spoke some wonderful words of kindness thanking them all for their support, which was a very special moment.”


Mr Glinski said of Madison: “I am in awe of my own daughter. I don’t know where it comes from but she has true determination. She is putting her tenacity and selflessness to a wonderful cause, to raise the profile of this hospice and to help thousands of people.”


Matthew Lovett, Headmaster at Truro Prep School, said: “Congratulations to Madison on her outstanding fundraising achievements over the last year for the Children’s Hospice South West. It is an extraordinary achievement and an inspiration to us all.”


Madison has played live on several radio stations, appeared on West Country News, Sky, local newspapers and ITV. She has now increased her target to £15,000.


You can help her reach her next target by donating on her Just Giving page.