Locryn’s Blog: England U18, Day 5 and 6

Day 4


We started the day with a nice pool session. Those that know me will know that in 5th year it took four floats to keep me afloat. The rehab part of the pool session involved a lot of treading water with hands clapping in the air; if I wasn’t hydrated before we went in I was after! We then headed into Paris for a boat ride and trip to the Eiffel Tower.


Day 5

We started early and hit the training ground in a high intensity training session on defence and attack which had a lot of us out of breath. It was hard but either I didn’t push myself hard enough or I’m relatively fit but either way I will work harder for France. After a hefty lunch we trained again, splitting forwards and backs. We first used the scrum machine; the warm up didn’t leave me sweating badly but after the scrums, amount of scrums, intensity of scrums… I was dripping.


We then did line outs which I didn’t feel went too well, for some reason I couldn’t get the spin right for a long time. Eventually I did and, although I didn’t miss a throw, intrinsically I was disappointed with that performance. We then did a team run through different scenarios at a high pace, didn’t blow too hard but made a couple of mistakes in line outs. I had to get into the blue mind, to relax my mind and not look back on my mistakes. After that it went well. Finished on a good one and we came back to the hotel.


I could go swimming but I feel knackered! Going down to do a presentation in a bit with the front towers which should be good. Looking forward to playing on Sunday.




The game on Easter Sunday ended in a 23-9 defeat to hosts France in the final match of the Tri Nations Festival in Marcoussis. You can read a match report here.