Locryn’s Blog, England U18, Day 3 (Tuesday)

Day 3 (Tuesday)


 “…tomorrow when I pull on that shirt I will be playing for my family……., my friends, Truro School, Cornwall, the South West …..and England.”



Started off early today, everyone was nervous with eager anticipation as we are playing tomorrow and we found out the team. Needless to say our training was fast and hard, but before that we got new kit! I won’t lie, I love it and I’m very sorry in advance for wearing it to summer touch games in the summer term!


We split straight away forwards and backs and a half hour of straight solid scrumming followed. It was a bit like Phil’s fitness scrum sessions but we stepped up and really pushed. It was a hard session needless to say.


With training finished for the morning it was nice to grab a seriously big lunch, I had been slightly disappointed with breakfast so as you can guess…..my plate was rather stacked. After lunch I read in the room for a bit before going down to the swimming pool.


Following my swim, the afternoon training session wasn’t as hard, Captains’ run, so I was involved in the defence and attack. As I had to strap my ankle, I realised that the hair tends to come off, so I decided to shave that part of my leg which has left it looking very white. Then I decided to fake tan (not my greatest idea I know)!


I saw Mum and Dad, Granny and Papa, my sister, my Auntie and baby cousin before the shirt presentation and it was so nice to see them, I am so glad they could come. And a public thanks to everyone for their support. My room-mate Ben and I have just toasted to England with chocolate milk. Life is good, missing my friends and family, and my girlfriend but tomorrow when I pull on that shirt I will be playing for my family (you know who you are, MS and NW, DW and RS included) my friends, Truro School, Cornwall, the South West (#bleedblack) and England. For my brothers in this team.


Wish me luck,