Locryn’s Blog: England U18, Day 2 (Monday)

1st XV hooker Locryn Williams has travelled to Marcoussis in Paris to compete as part of the England U18 Clubs and Schools Team. This is the first time he has represented England.


Day 2


I won’t lie, I am absolutely knackered. However, hydrated well and bought a few litres of water for the euro star journey. About 10 minutes later I promptly fell asleep on the train causing many a picture to be taken of me.


Waking up I was nicely revived and had enjoyed my water (unlike my team mates who pestered me for it!) We went straight to the training ground and got changed for training. We started at an incredibly high tempo and carried it through. It’s all fun and games in the sun until you train in it with no wind! Overall it was a good day but very tiring.


Our team meeting was pretty fun; we made a laugh out of it whilst keeping it serious at the same time. As we were all tired we finished early and headed to bed. I look forward to tomorrow to be presented my shirt. The stadium we are playing in is lush and the facilities are amazing.


Hope all is well at home, I’m already gaining a tan!