Locryn’s Blog: England U18, Day 1

1st XV hooker Locryn Williams has travelled to Marcoussis in Paris to compete as part of the England U18 Clubs and Schools Team. This is the first time he has represented England.


Day 1


Met up with Jay at Starbucks. Whilst queuing to grab a couple drinks a few people came up and wished us well, congratulating us on our success.


We met up with the guys at 4.00pm; mum and dad having taken us up relatively fast! It was nice to see them and it is remarkable how fast our friendships have grown and how well gelled we are now. We were briefed and given our room keys and spent the first three hours making ourselves at home before going down to the buffet dinner. Get in. It was great, except for having to wait for more food to be stocked!


Our team meeting was an emotional one. What inspires us? And as individuals, what inspires us to do and achieve what we want?


Who inspired me? My mum and dad and my sister, who have shown me never to give up no matter what situation you appear to be in; my sister proving that hard work brings success and achievement. Graham Whitmore, my coach at Truro School, who throughout the years has given me the self-belief and confidence I need to play like a demon, have confidence in my own play and to accept responsibility for my actions on and off the field. There have probably been a few incidents when the teachers and others wish I didn’t believe in standing up and doing that!


The last person, (although there are many others including more family members), is Jonny Wilkinson. His work rate, philosophy and ambition to play is more than admirable. His professionalism is what I have looked up to for a long time and have tried to model for myself. His selflessness on the field and his dedication is astronomical.


What makes a world class athlete?


Consistency, sacrifice, enjoyment and dedication all are parts of an answer that isn’t scientific but is human. Not everyone can be it. Can I be it? Yes. I firmly believe I can put myself through all of it to make it. This week is about proving as much to myself and to others, showing who I am. In my mind a world class performance is perfection. Intrinsic criticism is usually the most listened to by yourself; I have been extrinsically criticised for trying to be perfect and beating myself up when I make mistakes.


I’m looking forward to this week – it offers challenges and enjoyment and I will not be disappointing. And I’m going to come home with a great tan.


Have a good one!