Date Posted... May 2nd 2018




Year 6 go underground

Year 6 recently had a fantastic day exploring Levant Mine and Beam Engine as well as the surrounding area and nearby Pendeen Lighthouse.

The pupils learnt about the history of the mine and those that worked in it whilst having a tour of the original site.

They started the day learning about the depth and extent of the mine and how the tin and copper used to be extracted and processed. The pupils also learnt about the important role of the Bal Maidens and the working conditions that those at the mine would have faced.

The pupils then had the chance to experience life underground as they walked through the tunnel to the man-engine shaft. They also had the fantastic opportunity to control the beam engine, which is still operated by steam since its installation in 1840.

The day ended with the chance to dress up in traditional outfits similar to those that would have been worn by the Bal Maidens and miners.