Date Posted... Sep 26th 2019




Year 5 Trip to Bodmin Moor

By Oliver M, Charlie, Rosie, Amelia and Grace

Last Thursday, the whole of Year 5 went to Bodmin Moor as part of the John Muir Award. We travelled there on four mini buses. Miss Raines drove our bus. It took about an hour to get there.

When we arrived at Minions village, it was a lovely landscape. First, we went to the public toilets, then we started walking along the old railway track. Mr Lord made a challenge to see if we could stride the giant stepping stones!

After that we scrambled up the steep hill to the cheesewring and Mr Lord told us a story about how they got there, while we were eating our snacks. As we made our way down the hill, we came to Mr Gumb’s house (a stone building which was a cave) where Mr Gumb and his family had lived. Mr Gumb worked in the quarry.

Then we went to Gold Diggers quarry and ate our lunch while watching two swimmers jump in off the rocks. One person jumped off the cliff, it amazed us all! The water was crystal clear.

After lunch we walked past calves and horses eating grass. We visited the standing stones and The Hurlers, on our way back to the bus and then drove back to school.