Date Posted... Feb 6th 2018




Year 5 have an action packed day learning about the Vikings

Year 5 pupils recently enjoyed a Viking workshop at Cornwall’s Maritime Museum.

The pupils have been learning about the Vikings in their Humanities lessons and this was the perfect opportunity for them to extend their learning.

They found out where the Vikings travelled to and about their trading ventures in different parts of the world. They took part in a trading simulation and hammered their own Viking coins to trade with.

The children then learnt about the clothing worn by different members of the Viking community, trying on some costumes. Throughout the day, all of the children had the opportunity to explore the exhibitions throughout the museum, discovering boat building techniques, stories of sea survival, how weather influences boat travel and searching for fish and underwater life in the depths.

The pupil’s teacher, Mrs Issaka, commented on how

“The children showed interest throughout the day. They have all recorded a number of things they learnt from their visit, proving it to be a worthwhile trip. A great day was had by all.”