Date Posted... Nov 18th 2016




Year 5 and 6 Orienteering at Idless Woods

Idless Woods have several permanent orienteering courses, set up by Cornwall Orienteering Club. We decided that the short course, (2.1km long) would be ideal for our adventurous Year 5 and 6 pupils.

For Year 5, the orienteering course forms part of the explore section of their John Muir Award. In Year 6, it is an essential part of the outdoor education section of their diploma. Both year groups also have orienteering within their P.E. curriculum; they have learnt to orientate their maps, find control points using marked features on the map and follow a course of controls.

The children were all very excited. Some were apprehensive – what if they got lost? Some were delighted – no adults were going to be with them? (Actually, we weren’t far away at all).

All eighty children coped extremely well with the challenges of map reading, working together to find the six controls, with all groups completing the course in less than 45 minutes. They should be proud of their achievements. There were plenty of happy faces.

Year 5

1st = Sam, Wilf B, Oliver, Finn L (22 minutes)

2nd = Lucy, Rose, Elia, Phoebe (24 minutes)

Joint 3rd = Elowyn, Gwen, James, Louis and Eleanor, Amelie, Jessica, Ysolde (31 minutes)

Year 6

1st = Ollie M, Max, Ben (22 minutes)

2nd = Jamie, Sam, Oliver, Theo (24 minutes)

Joint 3rd = Perry, Luke, Josh H, Benji and Amelia, Lexie, Emily, Oriel (25 minutes)


Sally Luxton