Date Posted... Feb 1st 2019




Prep Sports

Year 5 and 6 Inter-House Swimming Gala

On Thursday, 31 January, Year 5 and 6 had an inter-house swimming gala.

Report by Alice B, 6JF

Each house was well represented with lots of swimmers. The atmosphere was tense and full of excitement before each race. There were false starts and lots of courageous swimming throughout the various races. There was a good sporting atmosphere and each house cheered for their own house loudly.

The half time scores were close with Vinter coming in fourth with 71 points, Smith third with 84 points, Wicket second with 98 points and School first with 102. There were some amazing individual performances with personal bests and lots of school records broken.

The scores remained close throughout and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Farah, Year 5 Wicket said, ‘I’m loving it and the atmosphere is great!’ Celia, Year 6 School said, ‘the board paddle was so much fun I loved it!’

The relay race was tense, and each house gave it their very best, but there was only one thing everyone was waiting for … the final scores: Vinter did brilliantly winning the relay race and coming fourth overall. Smith were fantastic all round coming third overall with 246 points. Wicket were awesome and came second with 254 points and School came a fantastic first with a whopping 266 points!

I just would like to say a huge thanks to all the staff that contributed to this event, to all the parents for cheering us on and of course, to all of the competitors who took part.

Finally, a special mention to Kayo for providing the entertainment… it made a change for him to fall in rather than Mrs Russell!

The individual results were :

Year 5 Victrix Ludorum  : Harriet S, Runner Up : Annabel  H

Year 5 Victor Ludorum : Felix B, Runner Up : Benjamin O

Year 6 Victrix Ludorum Daisy L , Runner Up Alice B

Year 6 Victor Ludorum :Rory S, Runner Up Cassius V

Goddard Cup for 50m Freestyle : Daisy L

Morgan Cup for 50m Freestyle : Rory S

New records were set by : Daisy L(four) , Felix B (two) and Izzy P and Billy S