Date Posted... Dec 6th 2017




Year 2 Receive a Visit from Truro Fire Service

On Tuesday afternoon, as part of their current topic ‘Fire, Fire!’, Year 2 were hugely excited to be able to re-enact the Great Fire of London in the Pre-Prep playground.

After doing an amazing job of constructing their own Tudor houses from recycled materials, some ‘Grand Designs’ were arranged into a 1666 street scene – with the Pudding Lane bakery right at the centre. Under the careful eyes of Truro Fire Service, the blaze quickly spread and soon children were watching their constructions succumb to the devastating conflagration with awe and excitement. Thomas Farynor would have been relieved had the original flames had been extinguished with such speed and skill. The damage was then surveyed before the children discussed the importance of Fire Safety with some of the crew.  A huge thank you to them for their time, careful supervision and excellent safety advice.