Date Posted... Nov 26th 2018

West Side Story production is a hit

Truro School’s production of West Side Story has been a resounding success with its vibrant costumes and fabulous beats.

The show was performed across five nights, from Tuesday 20 November to Saturday 24 November, to sell-out crowds in the school’s Old Sports Hall.

Bernstein’s West Side Story is a timeless classic and the students worked tirelessly to see 1960s Manhattan came alive. From the pre-show action onwards, the students were buzzing with energy throughout.

Audiences watched the antics of the Jets and their Puerto Rican rivals and their breath-taking choreography. The tragic Romeo and Juliet -inspired love story shone through, with outstanding performances from the leading players alongside impeccable attention to detail from the backstage technical team.

Truro School’s Director of Drama, Ben Oldfield, said,

“We are so proud of each any every student involved in this production.  Every individual put their all into the play, and it showed.  It was fabulous to see that level of energy and commitment.  I hope our students will treasure this experience and remember it for the rest of their lives.  And it is important for them to engage actively in a piece that makes us think deeply about love and how it can transcend racial and cultural divides.”

This year, The Old Sports Hall had been transformed by the students into a fully professional theatre, three quarters in the round, to allow the school’s 35-piece orchestra to accompany the production. The audience were mesmerised by classic numbers America and Tonight.

5th Year student Holly Morris took on the leading female role of Maria. She said,

“Playing Maria in West Side Story has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I’m so grateful to have been given this incredible opportunity.”

Lower Sixth student Harrison Fraser, who played leading male role Tony, added,

“After over a year of hard work, playing Tony in West Side Story was as great as expected.”

During the half time interval, audience members were offered hot dogs and brownies from a Manhattan themed street vendor.