Date Posted... Nov 28th 2017

Warmth and Ovation for Snow Queen Production

Truro School’s production of The Snow Queen has been a resounding success with its epic fairy tale charm.

The show was performed across four nights, from Thursday 23 November to Sunday 26 November, to sell-out crowds in the school’s Burrell Theatre.

The much-loved story, written by Hans Andersen, focuses on a young girl, Gerda, who travels all the way to the North Pole to rescue her friend Kai from the grips of the malicious Snow Queen. Adapted for the stage by Director of Drama Ben Oldfield it still carries the main message of compassion and empathy.

The 80 strong cast and crew have been working to a high level of professional etiquette, which is instilled throughout the Burrell Theatre.

Working with local artists, including Sandra Goodenough, the students have encapsulated the essence of the Snow Queen in the acting, stage design, costumes and technical aspects of the play.

Ms Goodenough explains how, “Theatre is probably one of the only arts genre that you cannot do on your own, you cannot do it individually, it is a huge creative process and everyone has to be working at the highest possible level and all going in the same direction.”

The episodic nature of the play meant that there was a need for a set that would serve every location. Having created an ice themed stage featuring different levels, the technical team set about projecting onto the surfaces of the set.


Tazmin Burr, the Burrell Theatre’s resident Manager, worked tirelessly on costumes, alongside parents Jo Craze and Amanda Piercy. Together, with the students help, they created a range of outlandish outfits that encapsulated the fairy-tale feel of The Snow Queen.

Mr Oldfield finished by commenting on the continued success of the drama department,

“We are getting more and more students being serious contenders to go into the field. Every year there seems to be more people coming up who are of a certain calibre and going into the industry with awareness. At Truro school, we like to push them to a higher level and make them think about what they could do once they leave.”

Truro School’s drama department next look ahead to the auditions for the drama scholarships programme for students aged 11+ and 13+ on Friday 15 December 2017.