Date Posted... May 11th 2017




Vinter House take victory in Prep's House Verse Competition Finals

Back in February, House tutors introduced this year’s recital contest. The task: to understand, imagine, perform and learn off by heart your favourite poem.

Over fifty pupils in Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 stood up in front of Vinter, Wickett, School and Smith and wowed friends and teachers with poems by the greats and giants of classic and modern verse: Carroll, Lancaster, Kipling, Prelutsky, Dahl and Robert Frost. Mr Keating would be proud.

By March only twelve entries remained. Twelve bands of brave bards with but a month to perfect a flawless, mesmerising and award winning performance. Over the Easter holidays lines were learned, actions practised; parents amazed and pets bemused.

This year’s finalists created the short films using green screens and Hollywood effects.  Each is unique and a testament to all of their efforts and hard work.

The competition was judged by A Level students from Truro School, assisted by English Teacher Mrs Husband.  There results were as follows:

1st Place: Attack of the Vegetables by Gareth Lancaster performed by Wilf in Year 5 (the U6th students’ comments were: ‘amazing!’, ‘technically brilliant’, ‘fantastic enunciation of the plosive sounds’, ‘brilliant enthusiasm’)

2nd Place: Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll performed by Lexie in Year 6. The U6th students’ comments were: ‘very animated and passionate delivery’, ‘exemplary enunciation’, ‘impressive energy’, and ‘a joy to listen to’.

3rd Place: Mrs Sprockett’s Strange Machine by Michaela Morgan, performed by Sammy in Year 6. (the U6th students’ comments were: ‘really fun and energetic performance’, ‘clear engagement with the poem’, ‘impressive energy’,

Vinter won the House competition with 270 points. The full house results were:

4th Place: School 220

3rd Place: Smith 230

2nd Place: Wicket 240

1st Place: Vinter 270