Date Posted... Jul 11th 2018



Senior School

Video: World Aims 2018 – Our Hidden Worlds

Plastics. Ever since they became mainstream in the 1960’s, many of us were oblivious to the amount of damage they were causing to our beautiful planet, particularly the oceans.

In 2017, Blue Planet II hit our screens, captivating audiences with stunning footage of underwater wildlife. And then came the final episode of the series…

With around 10 million engrossed viewers tuning in from across the UK, Sir David Attenborough delivered a stark, hard-hitting warning about the state of our oceans. The public response was instantaneous.

When it came to selecting the theme for this year’s World AIMS days, the choice was therefore very simple.

What is World AIMS?

World AIMS stands for World Action in Methodist Schools. It is a program that unites the family of 14 Methodist Schools to which Truro School belongs, in the desire to look beyond ourselves to the needs of the local and wider community. The scheme helps students understand that, as a school and as individuals, we have a role and responsibility as citizens in a global village.

The themes of this year’s programme included:

  • Identifying alternative sustainable and biodegradable materials to plastic.
  • How plastics decompose and pollute the ocean, alternative materials to plastics.
  • Simple lifestyle choices to reduce plastic pollution
  • Litter picking sessions around Truro.

Video – World Aims at Truro School, 3 and 4 July, 2018

A big thank you to Purple Flame Media who filmed this year’s World Aims days focussing on Our Hidden Worlds.

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