Date Posted... Oct 6th 2017

Upper Sixth Geologists Head to Godrevy

Twenty-three Upper Sixth students spent a morning at Godrevy beach this week to investigate different sediments in situ.

The purpose of the trip was to allow the pupils to complete field notes for an integral part of their A2 coursework that they started at the end of the last academic year. The students had been identifying different sediment samples from modern sedimentary environments in the classroom. In order to determine the reliability of the samples they had to see them in location at Godrevy beach.

Head of Geology, Miss Hope explained

“It’s really important that the students complete field work, not only to complete the course, but also so that they are able to visualise what they have in their hand as a specimen and then see it in the real geological world.”

The students will next have to write up their field notes and evaluate their findings, comparing them to the results that they had previously recorded in the lab.

The group’s next big residential field trip is to Tenerife where they will continue to develop their geological investigations.



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