Date Posted... Oct 20th 2016





U11 Rugby Truro Prep Vs Plymouth College

In beautiful conditions two great games of rugby were played against Plymouth College. The A team fairing slightly worse than the B. The A team game started promisingly for Truro Prep with some inspired offloads, beautiful use of space and ferocious tackling. This led to Truro being ahead for the first 10 minutes of the match. Sadly this lead was short lived, Plymouth College seemed re-invigorated by some strong runs and good footwork by two of their players. This led to 3 scores in quick succession that Truro never really recovered from. The final score being 6 tries to 1.

The B team game was a different story, crisp handling and the ability to knock down their big runners as soon as they caught the ball ensured that Truro showed dominance. This combined with some astute tactical kicking led to Truro being in the lead by 6 tries to nil, before a late consolation try for the Plymouth College team.