Date Posted... Jun 19th 2018



Senior School

Truro School team up with CMST to host recorder concert

Truro School, in partnership with Cornwall Music Service Trust, is excited to be holding a brand new outreach project on Friday 29 June.

The concert is to raise awareness of the recorder as a worthwhile instrument for class and group use, and to provide enriching activity for children and young people through group work & performance. The culmination of weeks of work with various groups up and down the county, the school is hosting in its chapel a special concert in which over 100 young recorder players will be gathered together – very possibly the largest such gathering ever in Cornwall. Sarah Whomersley, Teacher of Music at Truro School, and leader of this project, said:


This is an exciting opportunity for all of the schools involved.  The project has involved staff working with their own recorder groups to learn pieces that are accessible by all.  The exciting part will be rehearsing all of the students together and performing in the concert. The concert has lots of different styles of music from the Renaissance to Jazz to Teddy Bears Picnic!  The standard of performers ranges from Year 3 students who have been paying less than a year to Sixth Form students who are post-grade 8. We hope to inspire the younger students and educate the community that recorder playing is not just something you have a go at in Junior school – It is a valued instrument which has a future!  This outreach work is also the launch of the Cornwall County Recorder Groups which will be run by the Cornwall Music Service Trust.


Truro School Music Department regularly collaborates with CMST, a not-for-profit organisation, to help support the provision of music throughout Cornwall, by providing facilities, personnel, and administrative assistance.