Date Posted... Mar 13th 2018



Senior School

Truro School recently celebrated its 13th Shakespeare Festival

The English corridors have recently resounded with the bloodcurdling war cries, laughter, rock music and earnest discussion of beards and wings, which accompanies any worthwhile production of Shakespeare’s work. After weeks of preparation, the 2nd Years were ready to show off their hard work with a series of performances.

2H performed Henry V, where Shakespeare introduces us to a young King determined to lead his troops into France to show off his new-found strength and leadership. 2J performed A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare’s most popular comedy. 2K took on King Lear whilst 2L produced The First Folio Showlio, a series of dramatised scenes that shed light on the most beloved old collection of plays ever put together. Lastly, 2M performed Hamlet, expounding a mystery in the state of Denmark.

All of the plays were performed with enthusiasm and the Shakespeare Festival was hugely successful once again.

Full image gallery available here.