Date Posted... Mar 31st 2017




Truro Prep School Netball Report: 2016-2017 Season

This has proved to be a very fruitful season for all pupils in the Prep School, and this report covers both the Autumn and Spring Terms.

It has proved to be a very busy and purposeful season for the netball squads and teams, with some very high standards of play being demonstrated. We have once more had a range of fixtures and have played the following schools across the season; Truro School, Truro High School,  Archbishop Benson, Polwhele, Mylor Bridge, Bosvigo, St Petrocs, plus many others at tournaments.

The range of opportunities to represent the school in fixtures, festivals and tournaments has resulted in all of the girls across years 3, 4, 5 and 6 having represented the school.

The year 3 pupils joined the year 4 participating in High Five netball festivals where lowering the post was a must, enabling goals to be scored! The standard of play improved throughout the season and general ball handling and footwork skills have been learnt and performed at a very good level. Some matches have been won, some lost, but participation has been the key focus and the wonderful biscuits and juice at the end of the events! The years 3 and 4 have spent the year growing in stature with their development of skills and will be a force to be reckoned with next academic year.

The year 5 players have improved and become very confident on the court. Only last week one team of players took part in the Truro High School annual tournament and came 5th out of a possible 18! This was an excellent result and the players grew in confidence throughout the event. At our own netball festivals all of the year 5 girls have played and won numerous games.

The Under 11 squads have had a roller-coaster year that has proved to be highly successful.  January saw the annual trip to Bryanston School in Dorset where the opportunity to play against schools from across the south and south west is always a great bench mark for the season ahead. Tough games resulted in some up tempo preparation for the IAPS trip in March where again the squad were a creditable 7th out of 30 teams! Some excellent play in incredibly wet weather was still not enough to secure qualification for the nationals, (only losing one match) but the playing opportunity was amazing! Even though they didn’t quite make it to the IAPS national event they should be very proud of how they have progressed with their team spirit and play and actually losing games can be a great learning experience. It certainly helped galvanise them to do better each time they played.

All girls in the year 6 have had the opportunity to represent the school. They were successful winners of games and competitions and the A squad were worthy winners of the recent Truro High School tournament where they proved to be unbeatable.

We have had the hard fought netball house matches where heckles were raised as the house identity became so important.

Netball fever has taken a firm hold at the Thursday after school club and there have been between 30 and 40 pupils (both girls and boys) attending; battling it out in skills and game situations. Huge thanks go to Mrs Becconsall and Mrs Newman who have been there to support and deliver new warm – ups and skills. Without their support the club would not have continued to flourish.

A quote from the year 6 captains, Rosie Newman and Lucy Mantle:

“We love our netball and some of us are already playing at clubs. We hope all of the younger players at the school will continue to play the game next season. Netball is FUN!”

Angela Barnett