Date Posted... May 15th 2018




Truro Prep takes on the 100 words story writing competition

To borrow the words of one famous writer: ‘Get it down. Take chances. It may be bad, but it’s the only way you can do anything really good.’ (William Falkner)

I think we all know what he’s talking about. The scariest moment is always just before you start writing but our twelve shortlisted writers have all boldly shown that they can take chances and do something really good.

Their writing has completely surprised us – some of the stories you will read will make you laugh, some are carefree. Others are more considered, more emotive and rooted in personal experience. They all share one key ingredient – a good idea.

We launched the 100 words writing competition earlier this term, with an exciting film, which gave the children some great points to consider.

They rose to the challenge and gave us some brilliant stories. We have told them that if their story did not make this year’s shortlist, not to worry – to keep writing and come back with an even better idea next year.

The 2018 finalists are…

‘Little Grey Fergie’ by Joseph

‘The Sheep with Superpowers’ by Will

‘Voyage of Discovery’ by Oscar 

‘Help’ by Annabelle 

‘Grandma is Lost’ by Sam 

‘The Very Hungry Kitten’ by Rose 

‘Tomato Tim’s Great Escape’ by Raphi 

‘The Figure’ by Henry 

‘The Way Home’ by Freddie 

‘A Zebra Crossing’ by Beatrice 

‘The Day I Doubted Earth’ by Thea 

‘Fred’s Mistake’ by Samuel 

And the winners are…

Winner of 100 words competition 2018: ‘The Figure’ by Henry.

The judges were hugely impressed by the way in which he used strong imagery to create suspense in his story.

2nd place: ‘The day I doubted earth’ by Thea.

The judges liked her vivid descriptive language and original ideas.

3rd place: ‘Fred’s mistake’by Samuel and ‘A zebra crossing’ by Beatrice.

The judges liked their strong ideas, which gave their stories an interesting final twist.



Henry’s Winning Entry

The Figure – By Henry

I am standing at the front door of my new house. The door is old, wooden and the bolts are cobalt blue. It opens itself. In I go. A shadow catches my eye, I follow it upstairs it looks like a person. I shiver no sunlight warmth is here. It smells damp now. It leads me to a room, my bedroom. Old furniture covered in dustsheets like white ghosts stand in the corner. Are they coming to get me? My heart beats harder. Mum walks past me, opens the shutters, in streams the sunlight and warmth. The ghosts disappear immediately.