Date Posted... Jun 11th 2018




Truro Prep School welcomes celebrated author for the day

Truro Prep School recently welcomed author M. G. Leonard for and inspiring day of workshops and presentations.

M. G. Leonard is an award winning, bestselling author of children’s fiction books having written the trilogy Beetle Boy, Beetle Queen and Battle of the Beetles.

The children started the day with a series of thought-provoking creative writing workshops before gathering for a talk about books and beetles.

Speaking about the passion behind her books, Ms Leonard said,

“I write environmental fiction and it strikes me that the issues that I write about are going to be the issues that these children will be addressing as they come into adulthood. One of the things that is really important to me is insect conservation.”

She continued,

“Most adults have already made up their mind on what they think about bugs whereas children have got open and curious minds and if you present them with the truth of the way an insect is and the way that the environment needs insects then they are more likely to grow up and be positively disposed towards them.“

M.G. Leonard’s day at Truro Prep School is the latest in a series of successful author visits with previous ones including Marcus Alexander, Stan Culimore and Maz Evans and Sally Crabtree. Tom McLaughlin is next to join the school for the day.

Truro Prep School’s English Coordinator, Tom Tolkien, explained,

“Author events are a cornerstone of the English curriculum at Truro Prep School. They inspire our pupils to write creatively and read genres and authors they might otherwise not experience.”

This experience is something that has helped the children with their entries to the Rotary Young Writer Competition. Year 6 student Pax recently won the Truro round of the Junior Rotary Young Writer competition having written a thought-provoking piece about ‘a different perspective’.

Ms Leonard finished by saying,

“I hope that they have found a newfound love of beetles and that next time they are out in the natural world they stop and take a look. I would also be quiet excited if they saw the power of storytelling to change people’s minds because stories are one of the most powerful things in the world”


M. G. Leonard’s next book, The Beetle Collector’s Handbook, is due to be published in September 2018.