Date Posted... Nov 15th 2017

The Students of Truro School have been coming together in preparation for this year’s City of Lights

With only a week to go until this year’s City of Lights parade the students of Turo Prep School and Truro Senior School have been busy collaborating to make their impressive lanterns.

The theme of this year’s parade, which takes place on the 22 November, is Glow. Art teachers Ms Ashdown and Mr Meads made the decision to make anglerfish, a luminescent but gruesome fish that glows to lure its prey in the dark.

The older senior students have been busy making the large anglerfish lantern as a group. Meanwhile the younger prep students have been teaming up with the art scholars to create a lot of smaller anglerfish that will act as accompanying lanterns. They have been constructed from withy and paper and are a testament to the creativity and dedication of the students.

Speaking of the collaboration between the prep and senior schools, Ms Ashdown said,

“Having Truro School on two separate sites means that this is the perfect opportunity for the prep children to come over and work really closely with the older senior students in a really fun way. They all really enjoy it.”

1st year art scholar Sammy Ovenden-Hope added,

“It’s been really fun, it’s been nice working with the prep pupils. Making the lanterns has been challenging because it’s something that we are not used to, but it has been great.”

A number of big lanterns will start the parade through Truro, being joined by the smaller lanterns along the way.

Truro School has taken part in the City of Lights parade for a number of years with previous lanterns including the BFG, a war memorial and the mermaid, Saint Senara.

Ms Ashdown also commented on how,

“There’s such a will within Truro to keep the City of Lights parade going. It is a good community thing and I think it is a good event for Truro. It is really nice to be a part of the whole community by taking part in the parade.”