Date Posted... Apr 4th 2019

‘The Only Way is Ethics’ welcomed Dr Peter Vardy

This week we were delighted to host our sixth annual ‘The Only Way is Ethics’ conference at the Burrell Theatre, as part of the Cornwall Education Partnership initiative for GCSE students.

A big welcome was given to our guest speaker, Dr Peter Vardy. A greatly respected theologian and academic, Dr Vardy is also an author of 18 GCSE and A Level texts about religion and ethics.

In the morning, Dr Vardy delivered an engaging and relevant lecture on Islamic Beliefs, Relationships, and War and Conflict to 5th Year students from Truro School and a number of local schools.

Dr Vardy held interactive seminars in the afternoon to challenge students’ understanding of religious attitudes to contemporary issues and philosophical challenges to life after death; providing an inspirational platform for future study of the subjects.

Emma Mitchell, Head of Religious Studies at Truro School said:

“Dr Vardy never fails to ignite students interest in what are really relevant ethical issues today.”