Date Posted... Oct 20th 2017



Senior School

Students Set to Appear in Upcoming TedxTruro Event

5th Year Student Bimini Love and 2nd Year Student Max Caddis will both have their inspirational projects featured in this year’s TedxTruro ‘Beyond Barriers’ event.

Bimini Love’s Street Cramps Campaign

Bimini Love will be speaking about her meaningful charity ‘Street Cramps’ which she set up to help deliver sanitary products to the homeless. Speaking of the reason behind Street Cramps Bimini explains,


“I’m a girl so it was pretty logical in the sense that I can relate to everything that they are going through and because in Cornwall there was nothing for them at all. Homeless shelters do sometimes receive donations but they’re random and can’t be relied upon, so having a service where they could get something whenever they needed and come back whenever they needed it was the main goal.”


Bimini hopes that speaking at the event will allow her message to reach a wider audience and help her charity progress in a positive direction.


“I think it will allow me to spread my idea further and allow me to get the issue that these women face across to a bigger audience. At the moment Street Cramps is predominantly just in Cornwall but we’ve covered pretty much every area of Cornwall now so we’re looking to move it to other places. We would like to pass Street Cramps off to other people so that it’s local people supporting local people.”


Max Caddis on Dyslexia

Meanwhile, Max Caddis will have his inspiring film shown at the TedxTruro event after his English teacher, Ms. Husband, encouraged him to enter and it was met with great enthusiasm from the judges. Max said,


“They asked us to enter a video about what our topic is going to be. The video was, at first, just going to be used as the entry but then they decided it was really good and asked if they could to use it for the actual Ted film on the night instead of me talking.”


Max believes that dyslexia is a subject that is not discussed enough. Having gone undiagnosed for a number of years before moving to Truro School. Max acknowledges that a diagnosis is not a cure but it does allow self-barriers to be acknowledged and also to find the ways to overcome them. Max finished by saying


“I hope that it will be shown to dyslexics to share the story and maybe some other action may be taken on a larger scale by other people which would be good for dyslexia and identifying it early.”



TedxTruro will take place on the 26th October at Truro and Penwith College.