Date Posted... May 9th 2018



Senior School

Students put their teachers to the test

The students of 1K have been busy raising money for Cancer Research by taking on their teachers at a charity sports challenge.

Students from all years were invited to challenge their teachers to a range of sporting contests in the SBA including badminton, table tennis and basketball.

Mrs Cucknell ditched the badminton racket early on, having been taught a lesson in drop shots and overhead clears by 2nd Year students Joanna Vyvyan. However, she quickly redeemed herself on the basketball court alongside Mr Williamson.

Mr Pomery was content with providing an exquisite badminton showcase on the courts whilst Mr Hooper left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he has still got it when it comes to penalty shootouts.  Mr Sparkes triumphed in badminton and table tennis before meeting his match after taking on Upper Sixth student Alec Sharbatian.

However, the highlight of the charity sports challenge was when The Headmaster stepped out onto the courts. Donning the Truro School sporting colours he went head to head with students in a game of badminton and then basketball.

Speaking about the event Mr Sparkes said

“It was fantastic to see so many students willing to take on their teachers, and teachers willing to put themselves in the firing line. It was another reminder of the talent of Truro School, and the ability to pull together to do something fun for charity. No doubt there will be some dates in the diaries for re-matches over the coming weeks.”