Date Posted... Nov 11th 2016

Students Prepare for Annual School Production

With the first night of the show less than two weeks away, rehearsals for this year’s production ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ are in the final stages.

Taking you on a journey to Anatevka, Russia 1905, the story centres on Tevye, the father of five daughters and his attempts to maintain his Jewish family values, tested by the actions of his three eldest daughters during a time when Jewish communities are being evicted and forced out of their homes.

Sixth form pupils, Lilly Menear and Bethany Williams are assisting Director of Drama, Ben Oldfield, with producing the show this year, with Lilly playing Golde, Tevye’s sharp-tongued wife, and Bethany as Hodel, their intelligent and spirited daughter.

“Rehearsals are all coming together nicely, we’re getting to the satisfying point of seeing how it’s all working now. It’s a really human tale, there’s a lot of romance and humour, but underlying that is a serious side that shows how they are coping with the dispersion of their community,” say Lilly and Bethany.

The girls say that the toughest part of rehearsals has been learning the big dances throughout the show, with some involving the whole cast on stage at one time, all doing different choreography.

“The best bit is just seeing all our hard work paying off at the end of a rehearsal, and it’s nice to get to work with groups of people you don’t usually work with,” says Bethany.

With tickets already sold out for Friday and Saturday’s shows, the cast are urging people to buy their tickets now for Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th November. Tickets are available on the Hall for Cornwall website here: