Date Posted... Mar 13th 2018



Senior School

Students find out why Nothing in Biology Makes Sense

Truro School recently had a visit from former pupil, Professor Laurence Hurst.

Professor Hurst is a Professor of Evolutionary Genetics in the Department of Biology and is President of the Genetics Society.

He gave the students a lecture on ‘Nothing in Biology Makes Sense’, speaking about evolutionary genetics and how nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.

The lecture touched on the evolution of the genetic code, colour blindness and language evolution.

For both Lower and Upper Sixth students the talk linked perfectly into what they have been and are coming on to study. For Lower Sixth it reinforced the protein synthesis mechanisms that they have been considering and for Upper Sixth it followed up their learning with an even more detailed approach.

Speaking about the importance of visiting lecturers at the school, Sarah Finnegan, Head of Biology said,

“Visiting speakers, particularly those like Prof Hurst, encourage students to aim high and to explore some fascinating topics that we don’t have time to cover within the confines of an A Level course. This stimulates them to do their own exploration in their own time.”

Professor Hurst’s visit has encouraged students to be inspired to explore Biology beyond the confines of the specification and to keep on asking why.