Date Posted... May 21st 2019





Reception Trip to Chaos Farm

Following on from our vet trip last term to Monument vets, the children have continued to show an interest in animals and our environment. We are thrilled that we have parents who continue to support us as partners in their child’s learning journey and appreciate their help and support.


This week we visited Isaac’s family farm on the Roseland. The children thought about what they needed to look after a sheep.  Isaac’s daddy gave a demonstration of sheep shearing and we talked about the importance of keeping healthy.  The children worked as a team to fold up the newly shorn fleece.


We also met Sally the pig who seemed unfazed by the stardom showered on her by the children.


Delicious picnics were enjoyed alongside a good race around the field.


After lunch the children went to the meet the ponies; Fergie, Smokey, Bandit, Tilly, Boysie, Tappy and Eric. The ponies at Chaos farm are used in Equine therapy so were calm and relaxed around the children. These ponies provided a ‘hands on’ opportunity to understand how a basic body scan may happen. The children would feel the neck and mane of the horse, then feel their own neck.


A wonderful day was had by all.