Date Posted... Jun 12th 2019





Reception Get Buzzy!

Reception have been looking at pollination and pollinators and studying the world’s largest and heaviest seed from a Coco de Mer plant; growing only on two small islands in the Seychelles, some people think it is pollinated by bees, others believe that lizards might transfer the pollen across.

They then looked at honey bees in Cornwall and discussed why they are important, concluding that: ‘they don’t just make honey and sometimes sting people, they also help plants with pollination’. Reception welcomed Nick Jones into the classroom to tell them about the importance of the native black honey bee and learnt that the black bee seems to be quite resilient to damp weather compared to some of the European honey bees.

They then created some ‘bee-spoke’ beeswax candles, which were sold to raise money for charity.