Date Posted... Oct 26th 2018




Reception enjoy a day out at Feadon Farm

The Reception children recently had an unforgettable experience to Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre.

We were guided through the day’s activities by Gary Zammat, a passionate and enthusiastic wildlife and conservation expert.

The day allowed children to build upon their learning of ‘Woodland animals’ and experience many of these animals up close. We found a log pile house and the children guessed it may house a snake, they were delighted that the log pile lodger was in fact a hedgehog.

Who would have thought that we could stroke friendly foxes, fly magnificent owls and get acquainted with snakes.

It was wonderful to see the smiles of delight and hear the giggles bubble over when the ferret tried to floss! The children had a fun, fascinating experience and even saw two of Father Christmas’s reindeers resting up before their special mission.