Date Posted... Sep 27th 2019





Pupils at Truro School Prep exceed expected levels by up to 33% in the latest Early Years Foundation Stage Profile

The results of the national Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) revealed that Truro School Prep has achieved in all 17 tested areas, with ten of those areas achieving 100%.

The ten areas where Truro School Prep achieved 100% are listed in the table below.

Kate Williams, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Co-ordinator, said: “These results are incredibly impressive and it all comes down to the expertise that our early years’ team of seven has. We have a high teacher to child ratio and small class sizes, we know our children individually and we make a huge point of understanding every child in our school so that we can tailor their learning.”

With more awareness being raised around mental health particularly in young people, it is a positive sign that in areas such as ‘self-confidence and self-awareness’, ‘managing feelings and behaviour’ and ‘making relationships’, the children achieved 100% proving that Truro School Prep prioritises setting the children up for healthy and happy mental states as they grow up through life.

Other areas such as ‘speaking’, which Truro School Prep achieved 100% in, compared to the Cornwall score of 87%, and ‘being imaginative’ where there was an 89% score across Cornwall, are key character components in lessons such as Drama and the arts, as well as being important life skills.

In traditional areas such as ‘reading’, ‘writing’, and ‘numbers’ the percentages were 11%, 16%, and 12% respectively above the Cornwall average. In these same aspects, pupils at Truro School Prep exceeded the expected levels, and scored 32%, 31%, 31% respectively above the Cornwall average.

Kate said: “These results are because of the education they received in nursery beginning at 3-years-old, and then progressing in to our Reception class. Last year our retention from nursery was 99%.

Our core belief is that educating the whole child from early on helps them to excel in multiple areas before they reach senior school.”

An added uniqueness to a Truro School Prep education is having a certified Forest School built in to the timetable. There are two qualified Forest School teachers and the grounds has its own Forest School area where the children immerse in nature, learn about the environment, talk about what they can see, smell, hear, touch and taste. They build campfires, toast marshmallows, and learn how to use knives for kindle wood.

Overall, the Good Level Development (GLD) in 2019 for Truro School Prep is 88%, compared to a Cornwall average of 70%, and nationally 72%.