Date Posted... Nov 6th 2017

Pupil Sean Heaney visits Steam Bent House

Talented student Sean Heaney won the GCSE Product Design award at Falmouth University’s CreatED exhibition. The prize was a day’s work experience at Tom Raffield’s workshop. Raffield is a renowned contemporary designer who works with wood using a unique process known as steam bending.


Sean, who went with Head of DT Chris Baker, was able to sit in on design meetings and contribute to discussions. They also had the opportunity to see steam bending in action and make some of Raffield’s Christmas decorations, as well designing and making some of their own.


Sean and Mr Baker also got to see Raffield’s steam bent house, which has previously featured on Grand Designs, and meet his team of designers, engineers, makers and marketing staff.


Mr Baker commented on how


“Sean was a real credit to the school and showed genuine interest and enthusiasm throughout.”