Date Posted... Jun 9th 2017




Prep launch new 100 word House Writing Competition!

Earlier today, we pitched our brand new writing competition – the 100 words house writing competition 2017. The children have been set the challenge of writing 100 words or fewer. Even better, they can write about absolutely anything they like. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

We are looking for talented writers. They will need to make their story stand out – by turning a good idea into something extraordinary.

Anyone in Years 3 – 6 is eligible to enter. They should submit either a written or printed copy of their story to Mr Tolkien before the submission deadline of Friday 23rd June 2017.

The same qualifying format will be used as for the house verse competition: three stories will be chosen from each house to progress to the final round of the competition. The top 12 stories will be shared with Years 2 – 6 on Monday 3rd July.

Writing a story in 100 words is no easy feat. So what will you need to think about?

Top tips for writing a 100 word story? You will obviously need a strong plot. How about an ordinary starting point, which you turn into something extraordinary? Or an interesting twist on a classic myth or fairytale? Perhaps a funny story, brimming with surprises, which makes the reader laugh out loud. A great story is packed with memorable details. To make your story stand out – choose each word carefully. Your words should have personality and evoke emotion in the reader. And finally, remember that you don’t need to count the words as you’re writing the story the first time.