Date Posted... Mar 9th 2018




Prep Head's Blog: 9 March 2018

Last week’s snowy experience seems quite a way off now as we come to the close of this week but I am still hearing stories of snowmen, snow-angels, sledging and snowball fights

Year 5: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

The assembly hall saw our first production on Thursday evening as Year 5 took to the stage in their annual play. ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’ was penned and directed by Mrs Gregory. It involved a special book that was uncovered during our building project, full of historical (and very real) characters. Queen Victoria, William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Julius Caesar, Mahatma Gandhi, Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, Henry VIII (looking for a new wife) and Marie Curie were all in attendance accompanied by some strangely named teachers: Miss Pattershaw, Mrs Gregson, Mrs Ikassa, Mrs Luxburn, Mr Piker, Mr Earl (not Lord), and Mr Froober. The children, those playing historical figures, teachers and pupils, all performed fantastically, keeping their audience laughing and engaged throughout. The important messages of listening to others and not judging on outward appearances also came across clearly. Congratulations to all involved for a wonderfully dramatic evening.


Children Taking the Lead

I hope that all members of our school community know about the huge range of extra-curricular activities that take place before, during and after school each day. I think the last count was 77 clubs in total. Something that has really impressed me this term has been the children’s desire for leadership in running their own clubs (supported and supervised by staff, of course). Three Year 6 boys came to see me at the beginning of term to tell me about a Lego club that they wanted to run. They had their plan all in place including how to advertise, run and structure the club; it has approximately fifteen very happy members already! Two Year 4 boys are now running a coding club one lunchtime in the computing room and three Year 4 girls have a music club in place where they get together to practise their instruments and play music together. Allowing children to think for themselves and to take the lead when they are ready is so important and I am delighted that we are starting to see more and more of this at Truro Prep.

Mothers’ Day

Children in Year 1 celebrated their mothers on Friday afternoon with a beautiful presentation that included film clips, music and craft. The children thanked all the mums for their care and love. Specifics included being great at singing; super at washing up; amazing at making apple pie; awesome at giving hugs and kisses; brilliant at walking the dog and making cakes as well as generally being cool and clever! The children love having their parents in school, particularly when they are able to interact personally with them so many thanks to all those Year 1 mums who were able to be with us.


Swimming Galas

Years 4-6 swimming galas have taken place this half term, with excellent results and team spirit all the way. Year 3 will enjoy their gala next week. There have been a number of records broken and superb swimming including huge progress from swimmers of all standards. After yesterday’s Year 5 and 6 gala, a number of parents mentioned to me the positive interactions between the children, even when some of the races were so close. High fiving and congratulations were given all round as the children supported their houses. The galas have been expertly organised and I would like to thank all those – staff, children and parents – for their support for our swimming programme and galas.