Date Posted... May 8th 2017




Prep Head's Blog: 8 May 2017

Year 5: making memories and facing fears!

The new term has started with great speed at Truro Prep, especially for Year 5 who left for PGL’s Beam House, in Devon, last Wednesday. I first encountered PGL twenty-five years ago when I was a young, newly qualified teacher; we travelled from Birmingham to Ross-on-Wye for that trip and I was instantly hooked, volunteering to go on every trip for the next three years. After moving overseas, I lost touch with the company but suddenly found myself last Wednesday travelling back in time as we arrived at Beam House to be greeted by the PGL staff in their blue and yellow uniforms, ready to start three days of amazing adventures and high-energy activities.

Our forty children and five staff were incredible. They joined in the activities with great enthusiasm and some really did confront their fears as they took on the challenge of the zip wire and the high ropes course. Having shouted support from the ground to those up on the ropes, it seemed the right and proper thing to do to tackle it myself – it did make the heart pump and the legs shake but was well worth it to complete the course and to show the children that I wasn’t a scaredy-cat! One of the most impressive, and often moving, aspects of the trip was watching the children helping and supporting their peers: this included verbally (and sometimes physically) helping others around the courses; assisting with wetsuits – both on and off; reassuring and encouraging – and I even saw one person helping another dorm with the unpacking and tidying of their things! It was a wonderful trip and I was delighted to have been part of it. We now look forward to hearing how the Year 6 French trip goes: another PGL adventure.

Famous Fables

Year 3 were most impressive yesterday evening as they presented their Famous Fables play. They looked and sounded wonderful. Part one consisted of a dramatisation of three well-known fables and part two was a musical about three famous fables. The children demonstrated their skills with flair: they acted, sang, danced and entertained their audience throughout. The play covered a number of the values that we have been thinking about this year in our assemblies: being truthful; planning ahead; showing mercy and friendship; equality and ‘keep on going, don’t give in’. Many thanks to the children, the staff and the parents who all worked together to produce a lovely evening of drama.

Helping Others

Our school regularly raises money for a variety of charities; the children choose who we will support and we always ensure that one of the choices is a local, child-related charity. I was thrilled this week to hear about further fund-raising that has taken place out of school as children have pursued their passions and raised money at the same time. Cassius, in Year 4, took part in his first Mini Triathlon in Bodmin and raised some sponsorship for the World Land Trust. His £50 target has been smashed; to date he has raised £388.