Date Posted... Oct 3rd 2019




Prep Head’s Blog: 3 October

This term has started with a musical bang! Wherever I have gone this week, I can hear music-making throughout the school. An exciting initiative that is launching in the music room during Monday lunchtimes are small recitals where volunteers play to an audience of their peers – one of the most challenging things to do. Year 6 kicked off on Monday with a great variety of acts: Oscar played the guitar, accompanied by Inigo on piano and George on the drums; Inigo also played a solo piano piece, The Saints. Ella treated us to her piece on the clarinet, Continental Breakfast, while Harry played the classic by Bob Dylan, Blowing in the Wind, on his trumpet. Gryff’s The Lonely Road on the piano tugged at the heart strings while Annabel, George, Kayo and Dylan also played their pieces on the piano with great skill and courage. I have seen the ‘sign up’ sheet on the music room door for the Year 5 recital next week and there are plenty of children willing and keen to come and perform.

In assembly on Wednesday morning, Dylan actually accompanied the whole school on the piano as they sung Lord of the Harvest – it was certainly a first for me since I have been at Truro Prep. In the celebration assembly on Tuesday, the rock band played Oasis’ Wonderwall complete with drums, guitars, keyboard (piano in this case) and vocals.

I know that Mrs Renshaw is particularly excited about the interest and ‘take up’ of some of the more traditional instruments; we have three more budding oboists about to take up the challenge of learning this beautiful instrument.

Open-water swimming

We had three visitors to the celebration assembly on Tuesday who were there to acknowledge and thank Harriet in Year 6, who had impressed them so much that they wanted to come and present her prizes themselves. Harriet swam from Padstow to Rock which is a mile open-water swim to raise funds for Marie Curie at the beginning of the school holidays in July; this is an event that attracts hundreds of competitors and Harriet was one of the youngest.

The children were told how Harriet was up against large swells and a very strong current and despite the fact that it was really difficult and she was given the option of being lifted out and stopping the race, she just wouldn’t give up; there were a large number of adults who couldn’t make it but there is no stopping a determined Year 6 girl!

When the children were asked what type of reaction Harriet had to this most difficult of challenges, they responded with ‘determination’, ‘perseverance’, ‘resilience’ and ‘grit’! She is a wonderful example of what can be achieved with a positive, determined attitude.

Exploring Cornwall

The academic year has started, as we always like to start it, with some exciting trips in and around our locale. Years 1 and 2 have been out to Newquay Zoo; Year 5 children have been exploring Bodmin Moor as part of their John Muir project; the Year 6 classes have been to St Agnes and Chapel Porth, exploring the coast line and learning about the area (I went this week with 6SS and we got thoroughly soaked but had a wonderful time). Unfortunately, the Year 3 and 4 trip has twice been thwarted by the weather but we hope that they will be out and about next week.

Welcome Evening

A particular thank you from me to all who were able to attend our Welcome Evening at the beginning of term; it was wonderful to see so many there and to talk with you about your child’s form and what will be experienced this year. Please do keep in touch with form teachers about any matters relating to your child’s learning and happiness – we are always interested to hear from you.