Date Posted... Apr 27th 2018




Prep Head's Blog: 27 April 2018

Orchestra Visit

The Truro School orchestra treated Prep School pupils from Years 1-6 to a live performance on Wednesday morning. Mr Churcher, the conductor, introduced us to the different members of the orchestra, pointing out the importance of the unique synergy created by the brass, woodwind, strings and percussion sections. The children were mesmerised by the occasion, spotting old friends and, in some cases, relatives, on the stage. The orchestra played ‘The Liberty Bell’ by John Philip Souza and a medley from the Sound of Music. One of our Year 6 boys, Thom, was invited to conduct the orchestra; he decided to do this at super-fast speed and the audience were delighted as the musicians tried to obey!

We were thrilled to welcome the senior school students who were wonderful role models for our pupils and who hopefully ignited a spark in some of our youngest children that will encourage them to take up an instrument and to get involved in all that the school has to offer musically.

Teaching and Learning

I have been in the fortunate position of conducting a number of lesson observations recently, in addition to the many ‘drop-ins’ that take place on a daily basis from Nursery to Year 6. My focus is nearly always on the children and their learning. Observing how the children interact with each other and with their teachers has been fascinating and lovely to see. From working with copper in the DT workshop (Year 5) to seeing Year 2 ‘level up’ their writing skill sets by using expanded noun phrases, from watching Year 4 coding in the computer room to learning about Hinduism in humanities – every lesson has been a pleasure to witness.

I often write to report about special events that have happened during the week but I am most proud that our core business of teaching and learning is so stimulating and engaging for the children in each year group.


Beam House

This time next week, 48 Year 5 children will be enjoying their final day at Beam House in North Devon. We will be going for a three-day trip and the children will be taking part in a huge variety of activities including blokarting, street-surfing, high ropes, trapeze, aeroball and lots more. Please do send many positive thoughts for the children (and their teachers) for a wonderful, dry and happy time together as they grow as a year group, becoming increasingly interdependent as they learn new skills and have plenty of fun in the process.