Date Posted... May 24th 2018




Prep Head's Blog: 24 May 2018

The Lovett and Grassby Buildings

We had a wonderful afternoon last Friday when our new classrooms and assembly hall/music studio were officially opened by Mrs Jane Grassby and Mr Matthew Lovett. Please do look at ‘News’ here on the website for further details and photographs of the afternoon. The choir sang beautifully and we were treated to Max’s drone diary, a project that he has worked on for about a year, documenting the building project from start to finish. Thank you to all those from our community who came to support this special event.


Performances in the Lovett Building

Last term, Year 5 gave the first ever performance in the Lovett Building with their ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’ production. Year 4 treated us last week to two classics, Pandora’s Box and Theseus and the Minotaur, and this week, Year 3 presented Aladdin and Year 2 performed Snow White. It certainly has been a drama filled few weeks. The plays have been complemented by the new lighting rig and sound system in the hall and we are very grateful to the Truro School tech team for setting this up for us. The final scene of Aladdin summed the story up perfectly and I hope resonated for many in the audience: “Your courage has taught me that rules are meant to guide us but only love can change the world”.

FTS Triathlon

It was unfortunate that we couldn’t hold the FTS Triathlon event last year because of the restrictions of the building project and so last Saturday it was especially exciting to have the Triathlon return to Truro Prep. Mrs Whitelegg and her FTS team did a wonderful job ensuring that the event ran smoothly and it was lovely to see children from Nursery to Year 6 joining in with the running, cycling and swimming events. Please see some of the photographs of the occasion courtesy of James Darling. It was a warm and sunny afternoon and was far nicer than being inside, glued to the royal wedding!

Peter Pan

Year 6 are gearing up for many exciting weeks ahead. The French trip is nearly upon us and rehearsals are underway for the production that will take place in the Burrell Theatre at the beginning of July. This week has seen the annual ‘scenery and props day’ where the children are joined by parents to paint and prepare the backgrounds that Mr MacQuarrie and Miss Ashdown have designed and produced. Please see the photographs of the children and their parents hard at work!