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Prep Head’s Blog: 21 June 2019

Anyone fortunate enough to read the bestselling book ‘Wonder’ will have encountered Mr Browne’s Precepts.


Wonder follows the adventures of Auggie, a fifth grader, who starts a new school and has the blessing of being taught by Mr Browne who challenges his students with daily precepts – principles to live by. The aim is to enlighten, engage, inspire, comfort and challenge the children to think beyond themselves and to consider all manner of things from a different perspective.

Children in 3SM, led and motivated by Gabriel, have written and designed their own precepts; they have been turned into their own class book and I was given one as a present last week. Reading through the children’s creations certainly inspired me:

Everyone likes you just the way you are.

Be the twinkling stars and the bright sun and be yourself.

Always be your own person, not someone else.

Be the sunshine, not the dreary rain.

If someone is not being kind to you, be kind to them and they might change their ways.

You don’t need to put on your best clothes to look nice; you are already fab!

Always think for yourself.

The world needs animals so don’t hunt animals for fun.

Be yourself; don’t try to copy others.

Be on the bright side not the dark side.

Don’t let yourself follow the sun, let the sun follow you.

If you want to be liked, be yourself.

Be a bright shining star, don’t blend in.

You won’t improve if you all sing the same note.

If the sun is on you, share it.

Don’t feel the need to put make-up on; you are already pretty enough just the way you are.

Be the sun, don’t be the stars.

Be yourself; don’t be a sheep and follow the herd.

Friends are the people you trust and stand by you.

Enjoy life because life is short.


To quote another well-known book: ‘out of the mouths of babes…’


Sports Day

Red, blue, green and yellow were visible all over the school field this week as we held our annual sports days. We had everything crossed that the weather would hold on Wednesday, when Pre-Prep took to the track and, thankfully, all was well. It was delightful to see the Year 6 sports leaders working with the younger children to make the event a success. Running, jumping, balancing and laughing was on the menu, and the children had a wonderful time.

Prep children enjoyed a mostly beautiful day on Thursday. One of my favourite aspects of a Truro Prep sports day is that every child takes part in every event from the sprints to the hurdles to the long distance and the jumps. There were some lovely moments of sportsmanship and the children seemed to enjoy the day. Thanks to the parents who brightened up the event with their wigs and outfits!




You will know from the coverage on the news that the second anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire was on the 14 June and Truro Prep will be remembering our friends from Kensington on Friday 21 June by wearing an item of green clothing. This year the focus is on community heroes and in PSHE this week, we will be thinking about, and nominating, our own community heroes. Our children in Years 4-6 remember the day when we hosted some special guests from the Grenfell area and gave them a day that we hope helped them create some new memories.

Summer Ball

You have all been sent an invitation to the Truro School Summer Ball and this is to let you know that you are all invited to attend the ball on Saturday 29 June. You don’t need to have a child at Truro School to attend, Prep parents are also very welcome so if you would like to do, please do organise a ticket. There will be further information about this in the weekly bulletin so please have a look there if you would like more details.


Sarah Patterson