Date Posted... May 16th 2019





Prep Head’s Blog: 16 May 2019

The Starfish Club

Our Starfish Club pledges are now on full view for all to see, so please do come and have a look at our ‘pledges tree’ that is located just inside the front doors at the entrance to the school. You will see pledges from every child from Nursery to Year 6; I have heard plenty of stories of beach cleaning and litter picking so the children are keeping their word about working to help our environment. I am very excited that our theme at this year’s Royal Cornwall Show is going to be sustainability and we hope that many parents will stop by and visit us up on the showground (Stand 417).

Stained Glass Window Design

A number of parents have been wondering where we are with our stained glass window project and I thought an update was in order: Miss Ashdown has been working incredibly hard on this exciting initiative and has been helped by local artist Tony Minnion, who has also worked with our children to produce the three beautiful banners in the assembly hall. All the children from Years 2-6 have been involved in the stained glass window workshops, designing their own portion of the window, inspired by the coastlines of Cornwall. Our aim is that every child in these year groups will be able to identify their own piece of art in the final windows. It is a reminder that every child plays an equally significant part in the life of the school and the windows will be there as reminders, in years to come, of the children who have passed through our doors.

Please have a look at some of the photographs of the first stages of design; they can be found all the way up the ‘art staircase’ and you are welcome to come and see them. The designs will be transferred to the windows in due course.

Beaming at Beam House

46 Year 5 children and their teachers arrived back from Beam House the Friday before last, exhausted but very pleased with themselves! Three days of activities were tackled with great enthusiasm by the children (and the staff) and we were delighted with the way that the children engaged with each other and the way that they looked after each other. One of the most wonderful aspects of the trip is watching children move out of their comfort zone as they took on the challenge of the zip wire, trapeze, abseiling tower, high ropes, blokarting, aero balling and challenge course. Watching them encourage each other, often physically help each other and relish each other’s achievements was what the trip was all about and what makes trips such as this so worthwhile. Year 6 are gearing up for their visit to Normandy at the weekend and we wish them all an amazing trip together.