Date Posted... Jun 19th 2019





Pre-Prep Sports Day 2019

We woke up to a wet day on Wednesday for our Pre Prep Sports Day, but the pupils were ready, the grass was mown, the lines were freshly painted and the bunting was out so we kept our fingers crossed that the sun would come out and we could have a fun and exciting morning. The pupils took part in a range of races, from egg and spoon and animal pick up to the obstacle race and form relays, cheering each other on with great excitement and joy.

“I loved listening to people cheering me on in the egg and spoon race” Aubrey, Year 1

“I liked it when I heard Cassius say well done to me” Lucas, Year 2

The day helps us celebrate participation as well as performance and the pupils really got into the spirit of trying their best and showed excellent sportsmanship. Overhearing their words of praise and encouragement to each other was a highlight of the day and reminds us how these experiences teach them so much.

“I liked the obstacle race the best, it was really fun.” Ottilie, Year 1

“I thought I would be really bad at the ball hop, but on the day I actually tried my best and I did really well.” Paddy, Year 2

A big thank you must go to the Grounds Staff for all their help with the preparations, the Year 6 Sports Leaders for all the support they gave to the younger ones, and to all those who came to cheer on the children in their races, we all loved having you there.

“I loved seeing Mummy and Daddy cheering me on” Ted, Nursery.