Date Posted... Jun 6th 2017





Pre-Prep Head's Blog: 'Learning for a Better World'

Martin Luther King famously said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

With the recent events that have filled our news these words resonate constantly in my mind. As an educator I believe more than ever that our children must see the collective responsibility that we have to try to make the world a better place and that everyone has the ability to make a difference. We need to teach our children to always treat each other with love, kindness and respect.

Across the Pre-Prep we try to help our pupils understand the impact that we have on our planet and through ‘leading by example’ we aim to promote sustainable living. We actively teach the children how to care for each other and also their environment. It was, therefore, a real delight to hear this week that we have just been awarded the prestigious Green Tree Schools gold award sponsored by the Woodland Trust. Mrs. Mikail-Jones has worked tirelessly to develop and manage our woodland areas as a rich learning resource, which embodies sustainable living. The pupils in both Prep and Pre-Prep have earned points for planting trees and for many other exciting hands on and cross curricular projects using our forest school areas.

However, sustainable development isn’t just about the environment it is also all about people, global economies and the role we have to play as citizens of this world. As part of their project on bees Reception pupils have been busy making and selling their own bees wax candles in order to raise money for the charity Bees for Development. This charity aims to support beekeeping and promote biodiversity to help poor and remote communities overseas raise their incomes through trade in bee products. Our Reception pupils hope that their actions will help to make a real difference to just such a community.

Pupils in Year 1 continue to enjoy gardening club and are finding out about the seasonal nature of food and its many varieties. They are also becoming exceptionally skilled in recycling your household waste and packaging to create fantastic models at their classroom Creation Station.

By encouraging our pupils to engage in such projects we hope to equip them with the knowledge, values and skills to make certain that they learn to respect the environmental limits of their world and help build a fairer, equitable and more peaceful society for all.

Sarah Hudson
Head of Pre-Prep