Date Posted... Dec 9th 2016




Pre-Prep Enjoy a Victorian Christmas

Year 1 have been time travellers this term and finished their topic by experiencing a Victorian Christmas. On their travels they found out about the many Christmas traditions that began with the Victorians.

School Mistresses Millne, Williams, Thorning and Haynes hosted a party for the local urchins, chimney sweeps, gamekeepers, maids, landed gentry, the mayor, the town crier and also some Peelers. Christmas puddings were made, Christmas Carols taught, table decorations created and the pupils learned the Victorian art of decoupage.

The children were then invited to play parlour games including Charades, Hunt the Thimble and Squeak Piggy Squeak. Having made their own light refreshments for afternoon tea, they dined upon cucumber sandwiches, cheese straws and gingerbread biscuits. A splendid afternoon was had by all.

Merry Christmas and Victorian greetings to one and all!

Written by Sarah Hudson, Head of Truro Pre-Prep