Date Posted... Nov 22nd 2016




Pre-Prep Blog: Burning Curiosity

What a week it has been in the Pre-Prep!

It was lovely to welcome so many families to our Early Years afternoon and to see so many new faces. We hope that you had lots of fun and look forward to seeing you again soon. Nursery places for next year are filling quickly and we have already started our waiting list for 2018.

Year 2 have been extremely busy with their topic “Fire! Fire!”  During their science lessons they had a very informative visit from the Fire Service’s Green Watch, who came and talked to the children about the fire triangle and also fire safety. Armed with this information the children were then tasked to design their own 17th century houses using combustible materials. A visit to Hall for Cornwall to see the Ministry of Science further consolidated our knowledge on combustion.

History lessons about The Great Fire of London then came truly alive as the children recreated in our playground the city of London, the night the fire started. Their buildings were packed in tightly, and many of our pupils had chosen to make houses with straw roofs. Green Watch returned to start a controlled fire in the building we chose to be the bakery. It was a windy afternoon, just like the night the great fire started, and the children could see how quickly the fire spread but, unlike the inhabitants of Pudding Lane in 1666, we were lucky to have a fire engine and team of trained firefighters on hand. Their beautiful houses burnt to the ground in minutes and once Green Watch had checked that the fire was safely out our pupils were shown how to use the hoses and were full of questions for the fire fighters.

Do take a moment to see the video of their spectacular houses alight.