Date Posted... Jan 24th 2019




Popular children's author visits Truro School Prep

Popular children’s author, Andy Seed, visited Truro School Prep for a day of interactive classes with all year groups from Reception to Year 6.

Andy captured the children’s imaginations with engaging presentations, nutty nature jokes, amusing poems and wild facts about nature.

Andy writes books for children and adults, including The Silly Book of Side-Splitting Stuff, winner of the Blue Peter Book Award (Best Book with Facts) 2015, The Clue is in the Poo, a guide to being a nature detective, and Razzle Dazzle which was selected by the Children’s Poetry Bookshelf as one of their recommended books for 2010.

When asked where he gets his ideas from, he answered:

“Ideas come from everywhere and anywhere. It’s actually quite hard to say sometimes. Occasionally an idea just pops into my head; from time to time I hear someone saying something interesting, maybe on the radio; and sometimes I see something which gives me an idea – I once saw a wasp grab a spider off its web and fly away with it, which gave me an idea for a short story.

But by far the best place to get ideas is by reading a lot. Reading (any kinds of books) will grow your imagination, help you to think and give you ideas for all sorts of things. That’s why every author reads a lot.”

Following the presentations, Andy joined us for a book signing with children and parents in the dining room.