Date Posted... Oct 19th 2018

Oxbridge Tea

Over 40 students from all over Cornwall attended a Truro School Oxbridge Tea

Five schools were able to attend on this date and came with students and mentors to support the interview panels. We had over 40 potential Oxbridge students attend, including 12 from Truro School. The aim of the evening was to give pupils a taste of what an Oxbridge interview could be like, a chance to stretch and challenge themselves and then to leave with an understanding of ‘next steps’ which they could focus on to help them with their preparations.

There were just under 20 different interviews running during the evening; Retired-Oxford Professor Derek Stacey provided a Physics interview and the rest of the interviews were made up of Truro School staff and members of staff from other schools.

The feedback has been positive and we look forward to running another Oxbridge Tea again next year.