Date Posted... May 22nd 2019




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'On your marks, set, go!' Latest Prep Athletics

‘Cornwall School Games – here we come’

Year 4 Quadkids athletics success: Friday 10th May 2019

Congratulations to the eight children who competed at Carn Brea in the quadkids athletics event.

Each child participated in the following events: 50m sprint, 300m run, standing long jump and standing vortex throw. Points were scored for distances thrown and jumped, and times on the track.

Out of the 28 schools attending, we were delighted to hear that our team had finished top and had therefore qualified for the Cornwall School Games, to be held at Bodmin College at the end of June 2019.

Team: Felix, Barnaby, William, Maddox, Lucy, Clara, Lilly, Evie

Many thanks to Suzanne Darling for her photographs of the event.


‘On your marks, set, go!’

Year 5 and Year 6 athletics event: Wednesday 8th May 2019

About 45 children from Truro Prep were involved in last week’s athletics event, held at Truro Prep School, with Polwhele House School.

Despite an unpromising weather forecast, we managed to dodge the heavy rain showers, and the event went ahead as planned. As usual, there were four individual events: 75m sprint, 600m, long jump and vortex throw.

All of the following children finished in the top three places in their events:

Year 5

Y5 Girls’ 75m: Beth (2nd), Harriet (3rd)

Y5 Girls’ 600m: Harriet (1st), Beth (2nd)

Y5 Girls’ long jump: Beth (1st), Ella (2nd)

Y5 Girls’ vortex throw: Beth (1st), Harriet (2nd)

Y5 Boys’ 75m: Woody (1st), Jacob / Kayo (2nd)

Y5 Boys’ 600m: Woody (1st), Luke (2nd), Jacob (3rd)

Y5 Boys’ long jump: Woody (1st), Luke (2nd)

Y5 Boys’ vortex throw: Kayo (1st), Woody (2nd)

Year 6

Y6 Girls’ 75m: Sophie (2nd), Anna B (3rd)

Y6 Girls’ 600m: Alice (2nd), Anna (3rd)

Y6 Girls’ long jump: Jasmine (1st), Kyla (2nd), Sophie (3rd)

Y6 Girls’ vortex throw: No event, due to time

Y6 Boys’ 75m: Dexter (1st), Louis (2nd), Cassius (3rd)

Y6 Boys’ 600m: Felix (1st), Rory (2nd), Jack B/ Oliver G (3rd)

Y6 Boys’ long jump: Jack D (1st), Cassius (2nd), Dexter (3rd)

Y6 Boys’ vortex throw: Isaac (1st), Felix (2nd), Billy (3rd)


Year 3 and Year 4 athletics event: Tuesday 21st May 2019

An incredible 100 children in total were involved in this week’s athletics event, held at Truro School Prep, with Polwhele House School and Truro High School.

All of the 47 children who have attended the after-school athletics club were involved. They each competed in four events: 60m sprint, 400m, long jump and vortex throw. We also had sufficient time for the top four finishers from the sprints to take part in a relay.

Congratulations to all of the following children, who finished in the top three places in their events:

Year 3

Y3 Girls’ 60m: Sanna (1st)

Y3 Girls’ 400m: Sanna (2nd)

Y3 Girls’ long jump: Rosie (2nd), Sanna (3rd)

Y3 Girls’ vortex throw: Millie (1st), Sanna (3rd)

Y3 Boys’ 60m: James (1st), Reuben (2nd), Rufus (3rd)

Y3 Boys’ 400m: James (1st), Reuben (2nd), William (3rd)

Y3 Boys’ long jump: James (1st), Reuben (2nd), Barney (3rd)

Y3 Boys’ vortex throw: Rufus (1st), Reuben (2nd), George (3rd)

Year 4

Y4 Girls’ 60m: Lilly (1st), Clara / Ayesha/ Amelia (3rd)

Y4 Girls’ 400m: Lucy (2nd), Clara (3rd)

Y4 Girls’ long jump:

Y4 Girls’ vortex throw: Evie (1st), Lilly (2nd), Ayesha (3rd)

Y4 Boys’ 60m: Felix (1st), Toby / Barnaby (2nd)

Y4 Boys’ 400m: Felix (1st), Maddox (2nd)

Y4 Boys’ long jump: Barnaby (1st), William (2nd), Felix (3rd)

Y4 Boys’ vortex throw: Felix (1st), William (3rd)


Congratulations to our relay teams: Year 3 girls, Year 3 boys, Year 4 girls and Year 4 boys who all won their races.

Sally Luxton