Date Posted... Sep 26th 2018




Nursery pupils have a quacking time learning about birds

The Nursery children have jumped into their learning with a trip to Paradise Park.

The trip linked into a discovery they made on their first day of school in September. The children had discovered a bird’s nest which had fallen from a tree and were fascinated by it and it has driven their learning in Nursery ever since.

The Nursery places emphasis on following the children’s interests and as they were asking so many questions about birds and the nest Mrs Banks decided to take them to Paradise Park so that they could see the birds in action.

The children got to see parrots flying, penguins being fed, owls awake and flamingos standing on one leg!

Speaking about the exciting day out Mrs Banks said,

“They had an amazing experience and loved travelling on the minibus for the first time and eating their packed lunch. I’m excited about the where the children’s interests and learning will go next.”