Date Posted... Jun 1st 2018




Nursery discover their musical talent

The nursery children have recently been busy making their own music.

The children started by looking at notation manuscript paper and examples of written music. They then had fun writing their own music before taking it in turns to perform for the rest of the class with the help of the ‘Outdoor Music Wall’.

Writing music provided an exciting new way of focusing on mark making in a controlled way and encouraged the children to hold a pencil and write something with meaning.

Through making music, the children helped to consolidate their essential skills including working as a team, building their confidence and listening to each other.

Music is part of ‘Expressive Arts and Design’ in the Early Years Curriculum which can take many forms. However, with the Mrs Banks being a Music specialist as well as a Nursery teacher she is able to turn music into an important tool for learning.

She explains,

“Music gives the children the opportunity to be imaginative and express themselves in a different way. For example, this could be through dancing to music or painting to music.”

Mrs Banks also explained her approach of child led learning,

“I watch and listen to them at play and follow their interests. I ask the children what they want to find out about and teach the skills they need through their own ideas. I love my job as I never quite now where I am heading. Nursery is such an exciting place to be.”